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Tryst 2024 is going to bring epic entertainment and music to Temptation Resort. Tryst 2023 offered amazing DJs and music that kept attendees moving all night. For 2024, we will raise the bar and bring even more energy and sexiness to the special daytime, nighttime, and late night afterparties that Tryst is known for. Keep checking back for information about what TRYST has in store for 2024.

moe green

DJ Moe Green


Bryant Russel

nathan bliss


scooter & levelle

Chris Garcia

Aline Coutt


DJ Moe Green

Known as one of the biggest Lifestyle DJS in the industry. Everyone knows him by his sense of humor, and getting those Asses shaking on the dance floor! We bring you Moe Green!
DJ Moe Green’s impressive resume in the world of DJ Entertainment consists of traveling the globe as a feature open format DJ, providing the sound track to your party or corporate event.
One party promoter recently said, “His music style can conform and adjust like a chameleons colors during mating season” Others call him “The People’s DJ”
“Understanding music programming, format and mixing is what I do best” “And my MC’ing skills are not so bad also” Moe Green
“When I dj sometimes the ladies can get a little wild like dancing on tables and hanging from the chandeliers, I sometimes think when I’m spinning that I am the lead guitar player of Steal Panther” Moe Green

DJ Encore

Dj Encore (Brian Unglert) has been DJing for more than 15 years. His talents have taken him around the globe from NYC to Japan. Encore specializes in playing all genres of music and is known for his ability to read a crowd and showcase creativity.

DJ Bryant Russel

We have added a new DJ to spin at Music Fest. We welcome DJ Bryant Russel!
Bryant is an open format DJ with 15 years of experience in the industry. A strong attribute of Bryant’s that separates him from the rest of the world is his innate ability to read a crowd and give the venue exactly what it wants. He is trusted by Jenks Club to headline one of the biggest parties on the East Coast playing to over 5000 people every weekend. His talent, creativity, and reliability have taken him from beach parties like Jenks to intimate settings in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and yacht parties in Hawaii. In Bryant’s words, “Music is a universal language, a language I am more than proficient in.”

DJ Nathan Bliss

Nathan Bliss is a house music/EDM DJ from Fort Lauderdale, FL. He is also the owner of and has been producing events in South Florida since 2003. His love of all genres of electronic dance beats can be heard in his mixes on the VIPBLISS.Com Podcast which he has been producing and hosting for the past eight years.
Nathan performs mostly at his events and for lifestyle parties around the country and has a passion for collecting the latest releases and sharing new sounds. Whether it’s banging out big room festival beats or dropping bass house and tech house you are always guaranteed to hear the hottest new music when he is in the booth.


DISKOPRETTY is a DJ duo based out of Fort Lauderdale comprised of Jenny Disko (aka JDisko) and Keith Christopher. Formed in 2015, the pair met by chance on the Miami sailing of the Groove Cruise. Jenny was on her 7th sailing with GC, and Keith was performing for his first time on board, fresh off his victory for that year’s DJ contest. Aboard the Norwegian Pearl that year, Jenny and Keith instantly formed a connection in the infamous “Haven Suite”, which led to an epic eight hour B2B set in an intimate setting, with only a few hundred people in the room to witness the moment. The friends and “GCFAM” in attendance affectionately named the duo DISKOPRETTY by combining the “Disko” from Jenny’s DJ moniker, and the “Pretty” from Keith’s brand of club gear #MANPRETTY.

Riding the success they found in the suite, the couple stayed in touch, and remained together in a long distance relationship for three years, until Jenny relocated to Fort Lauderdale. Since coming together, DISKOPRETTY has toured and performed all over the U.S., as well as Antigua, The Bahamas, and Mexico. In 2019, as they were celebrating four years together, Jenny and Keith returned to perform on the main stage of Groove Cruise, a massive show that concluded with the duo’s engagement. With a vast amount of combined experience, and various successes in the industry, Jenny and Keith each have their own unique and distinctive styles as DJs. However, when they come together as DISKOPRETTY, those styles find an incomparable balance that becomes evident in not only the amount of fun they have, but also in the amount of fun their audiences have. They certainly are a one of kind act, and the future is bright for DISKOPRETTY!!

DJ Scooter & Lavelle

DJ Scooter and Lavelle Dupree are award-winning DJs unto themselves; but together, they create an unforgettable party experience.
When they spin together on two DJ sets, there is quite literally nothing like them out there. With Lavelle’s banging progressive mixes surrounding Scooter’s hip hop loops and turntable skills, they are the duo that is always making the crowds go wild. Their self-proclaimed genre of “bangin’ progressive turntablism” is a unique style that simply cannot be duplicated. Spinning together for over 17 years, they have rocked shows all across the globe.
Scooter and Lavelle have played together at some of America’s top parties including God’s Kitchen, Winter Music Conference in Miami, the House of Blues in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and the Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City. They have also been featured in Playboy’s “Girls of the Hard Rock” and the feature film “Put the Needle on the Record” (
When they are not performing, they’re in high demand for their production skills in the studio. The talented duo has produced numerous songs and is well-known for their bangin’, peak time, big room tracks. Their track, “Beats Inside My Head,” landed in the Top 10 XM Radio List and Beatport’s Top Download list.

DJ Chris Garcia

Chris Garcia was born in Arles, France to a DJ father, which stemmed his early passion for music and technique. From LA to Morocco to Hong Kong, EDC to some of the biggest festivals worldwide, Chris is putting his footprint in the industry of house music.


DJ Aline Coutt

Dj Aline Coutt is part of the Brazilian electronic scene and is a big name in tech house.
She has been rocking the dance floors of the biggest and most renowned parties and nightclubs in Brazil.
In the contest among the best DJs in Brazil, Aline Coutt was consecrated among the 50 best and has been conquering more and more fans wherever she goes.
Playing together with big names in the electronic scene, she is consolidating, being invited by big producers to be part of their labels around the world.
Aline Coutt also has a career as an actress in Brazilian television, where she has worked for many years in several television shows, making VIP appearances for major brands and major events.

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DJ Xenaa

Xenaa is a Las Vegas based DJ holding residences at Las Vegas’ & the world’s most exclusive entertainment properties & venues including Marquee, Tao, Zouk, Encore Beach Club etc. Musically & culturally diverse, Xenaa offers a wide range of skills across many musical genre’s underground sounds of techno.
Estonian born, Xenaa attended an arts school for the gifted youth speacializing in music, theater & dance choreography that enabled her at the tender age of 10, to entertain audiences at festivals & televised music contests across Europe.
Xenaa relocated at 17 to pursue her music career as a singer & songwriter where she was signed to a record label.
Xenaa then migrated to the US to further her stage craft as an entertainer where she discovered DJing. With her classical musical knowledge base, Xenaa quickly rose within the US DJ network earning respect and recognition.
Xenaa has supported the world’s biggest dance music artists in US & more recently, Indonesia & Australia and Europe. 
She is the resident DJ for Elrow, Art of the Wild Festival and has recently played at the ARC Festival in Chicago.